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Estée Lauder- Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup

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Firstly to introduce you the product:

Touch on, buff and blend to your perfect nude. Polishes and evens skintone for a healthy-looking glow. Skin-loving, weightless and comfortable formula instantly hydrates. 8-hour wear.

Innovative stick combines liquid makeup and applicator in one. You'll know it's time to replenish as the stick becomes smaller until the clear window disappears.

This makeup is a different formula than our original Double Wear Stay-in-Place liquid foundation. It is instantly hydrating and leaves skin with a radiant glow. All day 8-hour wear. In shades for all skintones.

How to Use

Pull off gold cap. Slowly twist base of the stick until the first drop appears.
If too much makeup is released, twist the base back.

Using a gentle tapping motion, dot foundation onto skin where needed.

With a circular motion, smooth out foundation dots.

Use light strokes to blend across skin.

Twist gold ring at the top to remove entire sponge unit.
Wash sponge tip gently with mild soap and warm water.
Pat dry with tissue.
Immediately reattach to stick and twist gold ring tightly
to secure. Allow sponge to dry before recapping.


Generally I am very sceptical about expensive products. I think that you spend lots of money,  for the same result as the less expensive brands. This product proved me the oposite!

So, I was excited about the all-in-one feature of the stick! It is very easy to put on. You can do it around and help it to apply smoothly with make-up pads. It is invisible and yet it evens the skin color perfectly. It feels very smooth and lasts all day long. 

I loved this product! I always wanted a lighter but more polished look, without using very heavy products.  Although the product is quite good,  I faced many problems with its sponge. Actually the sponge broke off after some uses! After that I continiued to use it with a makeup brush. I totally recommend it!
estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick


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